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I believe that your relationship with your child is their most valuable asset towards a happy and healthy life.
– Lisa Jo Cohen, Ph.D.

Family in SyncResearch on psychological treatment for children and adolescents demonstrates that the most influential tool for a child’s development and well-being is their relationship with their parent(s). Incorporating these findings, I provide relationship-based treatments in my practice. For families with young children (ages 2-8,) I offer PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy.) PCIT provides “real-time” coaching to parents, supporting them in addressing their child’s emotions in the moment. Real-time coaching occurs during play sessions with the parent/caregiver and child, focusing on the enhancement of the parent-child relationship as the conduit to improving the behaviors the family identifies as growing areas for their child. I also focus on relationships in the individual treatment I provide for older youth and teens, by integrating parents in the therapy process.

A parent myself, I recognize that raising my two sons as a single mother has influenced the person and the therapist I am today. As a mother, I too struggle for the “right answer,” laugh at myself, and am humbled regularly. I incorporate my “real” life parenting experiences, as well as my academic and professional experiences throughout our work together.

With decades of agency work providing therapy to children and families, as well as supervision and training of interns behind me, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my skills with your family in my private practice. You are the authority on your children and your family. I will listen and collaborate with you. Together we will align your care to the specific needs of your family members’, ultimately enhancing everyone’s quality of life.

I welcome your call to discuss how your family relationships can benefit by working with Family In Sync. I give the best of me, to help bring out the best in you and your family. Please read on to learn more about my thoughts on children and families, my education, along with information about the services I provide. I look forward to meeting with you and your family.

Lisa Jo

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