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Birth parents of three daughters, ages 2 – 6 at the start of therapy. The client was the middle daughter, aged 4 – 5 during PCIT therapy.

Dr. Lisa is incredibly gifted in her knowledge of Parent Child Interaction Therapy, and how she applies it with her intuition. She so fluidly goes back and forth between the two when working with parents and children. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she applies her strategies in just the right moments and with empathy in-mind. Despite her incredibly full schedule, she was so accommodating and available to my son and I while we went through the program. I truly felt as if she was a part of our family during the process and could tell she deeply cared for our well-being, but in the most professional way.

I attribute my much more evolved parenting skills, as well as my son’s vastly improved behavior to having worked with Dr. Lisa, and I could not recommend her enough. She has been such a blessing in our lives through an unforgettable and transformational experience for both my child and myself.

Single parent; client was birth son (aged 3 to 5 years old during PCIT); she has a second son (1 until 3 years old.)

Dr. Cohen came into our lives at a very critical time for our family. Our second son came to us from foster care. When he came to our home, he was experiencing extreme ADHD, ODD and PTSD. We were at the point of giving up hope that our family was going to be a good fit for him when we were referred to Dr. Lisa. Through intensive family therapy with PCIT, we were able to understand our son and learn how to create the kind of environment in our home that would help him be successful.

It was a hard road but Dr. Lisa was amazing. She was always available in a crisis or just to walk us through any difficult situations we were facing. Our son has now been with us 3 years and he is a happy, well adjusted, great kid. We owe that in a large part to Dr. Lisa’s skilled guidance.

Foster-to-adopt parents; client was adopted son (from 3.5 to 4.5 years of age), birth son (4 to 5 years of age.)

Wow Lisa! Thank you so much! I am amazed how clearly you can see my son’s issues and see a way for me to help him. You really understand him! I especially appreciate that you can make it practical and break it down to create an action plan. Your concrete ideas make so much sense – I have new hope that I can help him.

Widowed foster-to-adopt father; adopted son (8 until 9 years of age.)

PCIT made a big difference in my life, I am currently a foster and adoptive parent and my 4-year-old foster son was a great challenge to me, I felt I couldn’t control his behavior.

Now after learning new ways to respond to him, I have learned to pay attention to the positive behavior he demonstrates instead of focusing on the negative. His behavior has changed and he is doing better at school and at home. The program helped me with my other children in the home too.

I truly appreciated all Dr. Lisa’s help throughout this whole process. I admired her true professionalism and support.

Foster-to-adopt mother of 4 special needs children, aged 6 and under. This mother is also the parent of two adult birth children.

I worked with Dr. Lisa Jo Cohen for eighteen months as she taught me PCIT strategies for my daughter. I was very comfortable working with Dr. Lisa Jo because of how compassionate she was. I always felt comfortable coming to her with questions. She gave my questions careful consideration and I never felt judged. She was very patient with me and coached me on the skills I needed in order to get it right, no matter how many times I had to go over it.

My daughter and I came to look forward to going to PCIT because of how much we enjoyed our time together. Dr. Lisa Jo helped me learn how to interact with her in a way that caused her to open up more and enjoy her time with me. I knew that my child had behavioral issues, but I did not realize that we needed to improve our relationship.

After working with Dr. Lisa, my child started interacting with me more and it was clear she was enjoying our time together and felt more loved. We developed a much closer and happier relationship. Over time, the power struggles, noncompliance, and tantrums decreased.

The skills I learned through PCIT dramatically improved the life of my entire family. Mealtimes and going to the store were things I dreaded. After learning the skills from Dr. Lisa Jo, these tasks became things I looked forward to doing with my child. Our home is more peaceful, my child and I enjoy each other, and it is a more harmonious home for my other child as well. Our lives are all better because of the skills I learned from Dr. Lisa Jo.

Single mother; daughter (from 4.5 - 6 years of age), who demonstrated characteristics of being on the spectrum; son (newborn until 18 months of age)

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